Fraction makes it possible

Whether you’re planning or already retired, looking to diversify your equity, or tired of monthly payments and looking for an alternative, Fraction can help.

Enjoy a regular retirement income

No monthly payments and you can sell whenever without penalty.

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Start fresh by clearing high-interest debt

With Fraction, we make managing your debt simple so you can focus less on your finances and more on the moments that matter.

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Leave mortgage payments behind

If you’re still paying a mortgage but you have built up significant equity in your home, Fraction can help you eliminate monthly payments straight away.

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Diversify your home equity

With up to $1.5M in tax-free cash at your disposal, you have the freedom to invest in new avenues.

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Cover home renovations and new additions

Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel or laneway house, Fraction can unlock the cash you need to get the job done.

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Purchase a home

Leverage your unlocked home equity to purchase a new home or rental property. Plus, if you already have 55% down, you can use Fraction to skip the monthly payments.

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Buy or build a vacation home

Have the perfect getaway ready when you need a break from everyday life.

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Go steady with Fraction

Looking to borrow but unsure how the housing market will fare in the coming years? Fraction grows with you without taking a portion of your home.
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