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Fraction is on a mission to empower homeowners with the financial solutions they need to live and age well.

It’s an audacious goal to change the way the financial world works. But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we need great partners, like you.

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Fraction was fantastic to work with. The first deal had some issues but they showed support towards their broker partners by switching up the weak link to make the next 4 smooth. They are very responsive and willing to work through things.

Justin McIntyre

As a mortgage agent, I can say from start to finish Larry and Daniel made this transaction effortless. Myself and the clients are very happy. I have just sent in another deal and again everything is running smooth.


Really smooth experience. Everything explained in simple and easy-to-follow detail. Client on-boarding very well handled.


Fraction gave me an opportunity as a broker to think outside the box. I was able to offer my client a solution that not only worked for the situation but allowed for a better quality of life.

Marika Shaw

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Fraction loves mortgage brokers

Brokers make up the vast majority of Fraction's loan volume. Simply refer homeowners to Fraction and we’ll work with you to qualify and fund.

  • 100 bps referral fee. We have a 24 business-hour turnaround on submitted files.
  • Sell a 100% no-payments open {{term_length}} year loan to clients up to {{max_ltv}} LTV.
  • Fully open, no prepayment penalties.
  • Must have a {{term_length}} year exit plan and provide some proof of income (we can be flexible on how the documentation is provided).
  • Client is responsible for both Independent Legal Advice and conveyancing costs.
Product sheet

These are the basic qualifying criteria for whether an application might be accepted. Looking for specifics on location? Scroll down to check the postal code.

  • Current rate: {{rate}}.
  • Max LTV: {{max_ltv}}.
  • 640 minimum FICO score.
  • Position: senior secured (1st position).
  • Ontario and BC freehold properties.
  • 2% lender fee + 1% lender fee.
  • Registration must be in a personal name.
  • Max loan amount: $1,500,000.

Broker resources

Fraction vs. a reverse mortgage

Comparing two products that allow Canadians to unlock home equity with no monthly payments.

Appraisal and inspection guidelines

Fraction requires appraisals for all properties and requires inspections for loan amounts above $1,000,000.

Funding process

Download this easy step-by-step guide to learn the ins-and-outs of the Fraction funding process.

Underwriting guidelines

Is Fraction right for your client? Download this guide to learn the specifics about Fraction's underwriting criteria.

Customer brochure

A detailed customer-facing brochure to help you explain the Fraction Mortgage to your client.

How to submit to Fraction

How to find Fraction on Filogix Expert, Newton Velocity, and Finmo. A hint: it's under the "private lender" category.

Looking for an appraiser list?
Fraction typically orders appraisals through FNF and RPS, who will randomly assign an appraiser based on location. If you would like to work with an appraiser who works with one of those networks, you should be good to go. If there's a specific appraiser you'd like to work with, send us their information and we will review it on a case-by-case basis.

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Want to see whether a property area might be approved by Fraction? Enter in the first three digits of the postal code below.

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