The advantages of Fraction

No required monthly payments* and no penalties. Never pay an unfair interest rate.

Stay in the home you love.

How does Fraction work?

The Fraction Mortgage is a first-lien open line of credit that allows you to convert up to 45% of your home equity into tax-free cash.
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Put your home equity to work

Unlock up to $1.5M of your home equity to pay for home renovations, cover retirement expenses or to invest in other avenues. The choice is yours.

Optional monthly payments*

You owe nothing for up to 10 years with our optional monthly payments. Need to leave sooner? No problem. We don’t charge prepayment penalties.

Stay in the home you love

We keep your rates fair and transparent so you can stay in your home longer.

Always pay a fair rate

With Fraction, your interest rate is tied to the changing value of your home.

A homeowner-first approach

Over the course of your term, if the value of your home only increases by a small amount or even decreases, we automatically drop your interest rate to our bare minimum to protect your home equity.

Build more wealth

Over the course of your term, if the value of your home appreciates beyond a certain threshold, we’ll cap your interest rate so you hold onto more of your gains.

Any questions?

We're here to help answer any questions you may have. Learn more about what Fraction can do for you.

We keep things simple



Get an estimate to find out how much money you can unlock.



After a quick credit check and official appraisal of your home, we’ll send you an agreement for your review.



And just like that, you’ll have up to 45% of your hard-earned equity at your disposal. Spend it, save it, or invest it.


Every 5 years, we’ll renew our agreement or you can buy us out at no additional cost, at any time.

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Unlock more possibilities

Access up to 45% of your hard-earned equity in tax-free cash without selling your home. Our motto is “spend a little, invest a lot, and save some for a rainy day.”