Partnering with Fraction

The Fraction Mortgage is originated with a very similar process as other refinancing or home equity take-out products.

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Director of Sales
Jacob Rissman (NMLS ID 1994019)(206)
Loan Consultant
Vince Pace (NMLS ID 1916940)(206) 531-2891
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The key things to keep in mind for Fraction’s underwriting

Fraction’s interest rate is based on the appreciation of the home over the term. Learn more about how our rates work here.
No required monthly payments mean that the homeowner does not require income to qualify. We also do not have age requirements.
Fraction does an appraisal and an inspection
as two separate steps. Inspections are only required for loans over $1mm.
Fraction works with primary, secondary, and investment properties,

Educational materials

Check out Fraction's educational materials to help explain the product and the process for prospective borrowers.