Automatic Payment Agreement with Fraction

Last updated: 10/07/2022

Please read this information carefully and retain a copy for future reference.

(1) AutoPay Program Authorization Form

To complete your request for enrollment into the AutoPay program, please read the terms and agree to the information below. To ensure proper withdrawal of your payment, please confirm you provided the proper account and routing number from the bottom of your check on your Fraction dashboard. You will receive confirmation at the time that you enroll in the AutoPay program.

(2) Monthly Auto-Payments

We offer one-time payments or monthly auto-payments See additional detail below for monthly auto-payments and follow the requirements to confirm your acceptance of the AutoPay agreement and request for enrollment.

i. If you choose Monthly Auto-Payments:

You select the amount to be debited each month. This amount will automatically be paid on the first weekday of every month.

(3) Acceptance of AutoPay agreement and request to enroll in AutoPay

Please carefully read the following to indicate that you have accepted the terms of the AutoPay agreement and have requested enrollment. I confirm that I am authorized to initiate transfers from the designated account and I authorize such transactions from that account each month, via automatic electronic withdrawal.

If you wish to cancel AutoPay or have any questions regarding the AutoPay program, please cancel the payment in your Fraction dashboard. Please print a copy of this agreement and keep it for your records.