Partnering with Fraction

The Fraction Mortgage is originated with a very similar process compared to other refinance or home equity take-out products.

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Business Development Managers

British Columbia
Robert Britton - (778)
Greater Toronto Area (Ontario)
Kerri Nelligan, AMP - (437) 253-5510
Outside Greater Toronto Area (Ontario)
Larry White - (905)

The key things to keep in mind for Fraction’s underwriting

Fraction’s interest rate is based on the appreciation of the home over the term.
No monthly payments mean that the homeowner does not require income to qualify.
Fraction does an appraisal and an inspection
as two separate steps.
Fraction does not have age requirements.

Submitting a deal to Fraction

There are 3 ways you can submit a deal to Fraction:

Filogix Expert

Submit to Fraction via Filogix Expert (Fraction is found under the “Private Lenders” section).

Newton Velocity

Submit to Fraction via Newton Velocity.


Email the application to

Educational materials

Check out Fraction's educational materials to help explain the product and the process for prospective borrowers.